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Ney Intro
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Apple Parable
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Piano Intro

on the coastline

north to somewhere

sunrise beyond bars of silk

a boy

a girl

waves do not move me at all

thin silence

sweet giggle

and a shoulder

pulled back

slowly crumbles

abstract colors

revealing with their might

now barefoot

bar is merging with the sea

and a wonderful silence

north to somewhere

a girl

a boy

go figure

On the Coastline
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Double Bass Intro
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Up & Down
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Oud Intro

only her i yearned to know

and as treetop bows

a memory stands silent

and her image is still too far

to plant an ancient root

and birds whistle the speech of the world

echo of a long painful days

while her profile is hidden

without any shade of colour

to indicate if she came from afar

here there is no return

your heart is bleeding on a stone path

while looking for the way

too weak to connect

one thought to another

only her i yearned to know

cause my days

are days of a reflected creation

only her i yearned

to love

Only You I Yearned To Know
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Drums Intro
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Pier to Infinity
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between stones


nights of love

here i am

time is sinking

just give me a sign

you and me


there is nothing for to ask

my world

seeded with colours

and wind covers the sea

why should I wait 

a day come with ease

no reason to go

one more poem

and it is coming

i am good alone

i am good together


between me and her

nothing happened

until when

will we wait for perfection

spirit of life is running out

you did not return yet

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and there are trees


covered by the mist of morning

and barefoot people

walk beside them

as a matter of a dream

in a long endless round

a tree kisses a man

in the centre of his forehead

without any fear

and without any bond

barefoot people

matter of a dream




hugging and disappearing

roots of trees unraveled

the earth is shaking

my time is yet to come

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thrown into the wind


like framed pictures

moments of pleasure

places of my youth

are moving away from me


i am becoming empty

from matter

turning into a thought

whispered between lovers

i am silence

i am light

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